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Dropland is a scam. Hello G2A and everyone reading this thread. Im here today since I already dispute the transaction with the bank regarding the purchase of key. G2A has made it very obvious that they will not help with any dispute since the transaction already occured and the merchant never responded to the message i sent.Ehh, G2A in my personal experience is legit, assuming you are buying from a seller with thousands of sells and a 98% positive rating. However, and I didn't know this at the time, G2A tends to sell games using stolen credit cards and such from other places; so there is the question of whether or not you wanna support such practices.The purchases I made were nice and still working, but you should watch out, G2A is like a Ebay for games. The lowest prices are the ones coming from other people, and those keys may or may not be legit. Just watch out.Many PC gamers wonder if Instant-Gaming is a legitimate and safe website to buy games from. In this Reddit thread, you can find different opinions and experiences from users who have tried it. Some of them praise its low prices and fast delivery, while others warn about the risks of grey market sellers and credit card theft. Join the discussion and share your …G2A money back guarantee is a scam. This post has been taken down from their main site. I have had a key revoked from steam and have attempted to contact the seller. After no reply, I have contacted G2A and they have provided many hoops for me to jump through. This final one is them asking me to report this to the police and have the police is my go to spot for PC game deals. 5. Award. lostinheadguy. • 2 yr. ago. The big alternatives are 2Game, Fanatical, GameBillet, and GreenManGaming. But keep in mind that unlike buying directly from Steam, once you reveal the key you get, you forfeit any recourse for a refund. It's the risk you take for saving some money.For anyone wondering what the hell u/mjohnsimon is talking about, is a website for purchasing digital games and related stuff, with the main hq in Hong Kong. 1. SovietXman. • 9 yr. ago. Yes its legit. I bought around 9 games from them without a problem. Mind you i paid extra for the protection bs. 0.NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM G2A. the keys are legit but they get them by buying them with stolen credit card numbers and then selling them to you for a profit. The companies can deactivate the keys at will when the credit card fraud is reported. They're probably legit but I wouldn't risk it.I always stick to their recommended sellers. Once (years ago) I purchased a key that didn't work. I reached out to their support and was provided a refund. Kinguin is one of my choices to purchase games. Steam. GreenManGaming. Humble Bundle. Kinguin. About 30% - 40% of the time Kinguin is the cheapest.Both gave legit steam codes and the game downloaded with no issue. But I've heard G2G is like a secondary seller so the devs don't get anything from the purchase. Honestly I don't know how it works but I can say I haven't been screwed over. I buy lots from Keysellers, but if I can stop it I try to not use Marketplaces.Yes they're perfectly untrustworthy. GreatEnglishGameMan. • 5 yr. ago. G2A isn't a reputable site at all. Highly unlikely you will be scammed if it is a Minecraft: Windows 10 key as everybody with the Java version got that key for free. HOWEVER, I still wouldn't buy it. Gnomonas. • 5 yr. ago. G2A in 2019 lol.Yes, G2A is Legitimate. They offer a wide range of gaming products, including steam keys, accounts, and game codes, at prices that are often significantly lower than those of official retailers. However, it is a gray market, so there have been reported instances of fraud. But with the right approach you can minimize any risk, and get games …ADMIN MOD. PSA: Don't buy even a single game from G2A. I leaned the hard way. My account has been suspended for buying a game from there without thinking. All of my digital games are gone. All of my uploaded saves are gone. Everything is gone. I own (ed) well over a thousand dollars in games purchased directly through the eShop.I've bought all my Sims 3 expansions from G2A and Instant Gaming. Never had any problems, always get key instantly and never has EA butted in or revoked any. 2. Reply. superbananabro • 8 yr. ago. Well they're not "legit" as in authorized by EA or anything but people have bought keys from there without issue.G2A is a legitimate company that offers genuine services. The company conducts robust verification processes for first-time sellers in an attempt to weed out unscrupulous dealers from its platform. Selling on the …GreenManGaming had it for $47, might still be discounted. Unlike G2A, GMG is a legit reseller. The devs put the keys there themselves, and it lets them bypass the Steam 30% cut. Gamebillit is pretty good about this too. Just please don't support G2A. EDIT: it's $50 on GMG now. Dont support g2a.G2A is not an officially recognized key seller. When you buy games there, you run the risk of having games disappear from your games list after redeeming the key to a full on account ban because the website is a known seller of stolen keys, and keys bought with stolen credit cards. Buy at your own discretion. No.Gamersuniverse scammed people on Steam Gift Card keys, and G2A does nothing about it. The full story: I have always bought Steam Gift Card Global keys from Gamersuniverse and everything was good. However, couple of days ago I bought one more Steam Gift Card Global key for 50 USD, and it said in Steam that key was already redeemed.Might be. Might not be. There is a chance you're buying something that was purchased with a stolen credit card. If that's the case and the credit card company does a charge back, the purchased code could be revoked. Then you're stuck trying to get a …Just today, G2A launched G2A Direct, allowing developers to sell keys to consumers through G2A, run keys through a database in search of fraudulent sales, and receive up to a 10% cut on third ...Kirby and the forgotten land is currently on sale at BestBuy for a decent discount if you’re in the USA. Otherwise, use deku deals to find cheap prices. G2A is legit-ish, but I don’t generally trust them, especially when discounts are extremely small like for switch games. The $2 savings isn’t worth the risk for me.G2A said they couldn't do anything since the seller offered a new key. I rejected that key and had to dispute with PayPal and the seller still wouldn't respond through PayPal so I had to escalate the case and even then, the seller didn't respond to PayPal until the 10th day (very last day they had left to reply).Yes, it is. Its like ebay (a little more shady), so be careful. But if you buy from good sellers (96%+ positive, 500+ sold items) you will be fine. I had one key revoked and one invalid key so far. Both got refunded by the seller very quickly. Also, dont buy the G2A shield. Its kind of a scam.All the skin transactions are perfectly safe. Unfortunately our sustems strongly rely on the stability of Steam servers and sometimes a skin may get "stuck" in the process of the trade offer being sent. This only happens in case of some Steam failure and is in the vast majority of cases only temporary. If you encounter such an issue, all you ...iddk if i should get the GTA V game key from g2a because i never used the site so it would be my first time buying a game key from g2a, so basically what i am asking is, is g2a safe to buy a GTA V Rockstar game key global from them? I did and it was fine. That said, that was before I knew what g2a really was.Let's look at the data: In 2017, G2A sold $450,000 worth of stolen TinyBuild keys according to the devs. When Factorio dev Wube Software audited G2A in 2019, they found 321 out of 7400 Factorio keys were obtained illegally. That's around 4%. In Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 example, over 300k keys were stolen pre-release.It's not legit and kinda secure. I've never had any issues with them anyway. 1. Award. [deleted] • 3 yr. ago. It's a perfectly fine place to buy from. Find the game you want and choose from a reseller with good feedback. Pay with PayPal and you get your key instantly.from personal experience i can tell you that g2a codes for squad work fine if you make sure you buy the right region etc. G2a is safe, bought like 5 games from em. No, steam has 2 hours refund. He can try it first then decide if he wants to buy; if he does, refund and buy off g2a.G2A lets you buy at lower prices, but you run the risk of obtaining a fraudulent key and having the game removed from your account. It doesn't happen very often however, so if you really can't afford the high prices it's a worthwhile alternative.Both gave legit steam codes and the game downloaded with no issue. But I've heard G2G is like a secondary seller so the devs don't get anything from the purchase. Honestly I don't know how it works but I can say I haven't been screwed over. I buy lots from Keysellers, but if I can stop it I try to not use Marketplaces.Luxinox. •. Grey market resellers are just a big no-no for cheap PC games. If you still want to get games at a discount (besides Steam Sales), there are legit sellers like Humble Bundle, Fanatical, Indiegala, Wingamestore, etc (IIRC, their keys are straight from the publishers themselves). r/GameDeals has a list of them.G2A is a legitimate company that offers genuine services. The company conducts robust verification processes for first-time sellers in an attempt to weed out unscrupulous dealers from its platform. Selling on the G2A marketplace is also quick and easy.If they sell PC's it's against Microsoft's rules for them to sell a PC with windows installed without it being activated but if they aren't selling it and are just building it, that doesn't apply. I bought a windows 11 pro key for like 12 dollars from a different store, they sent me the key. I’m sure you can just copy the key from the email ...Due to the nature of G2A, G2A doesn't actually know where the games being sold on their service are coming from or whether they are legitimate. You can email a number of publishers inquiring if CDKeys is legit and authorized to sell you keys to the publishers respective games, and you will likely get the same answer I got.It's not legit nor reliable. It's a lawless marketplace with several of the keys being stolen, from a company that charges you inactivity fees and makes you pay extra if you want …G2A doesn't sell keys they are a market place so the question isn't is G2A legit its is the random person selling keys on G2A legit. Many developers have said they would rather people pirate stuff then buy from G2A as most sales the Devs not only don't get money for it but loose money as keys sold on there tend to be bought with stolen credit cards so the devs have to pay charge back fees ...In this video, we're going to do a quick review of G2A, to see if and is g2a legit in 2023 and still a viable business venture in 2023. G2A is a company that...Greetings reddit users. It is officially my first post on reddit that I try to get it to be big. I have been using G2A as a sheep and due to successful purchases in the past, Didn't plan on having this happening to me. My first scam story starts with the game called Grand theft auto V.Apparently the bonus cash they offer from time to time still applies even if you bought it off g2a. Lol, shark cards themselves arent worth it my guy. G2a and kinguin both work but theres a non zero chance that by shopping with them youre directly supporting credit card fraud. YouTube can explain better than i can.It is also important to note that publishers developers are not being supported by buy from shady sites like Gaming Dragons. Pay the $59.99 for a legit game as oppose to saving a few bucks from a shady business. 1. Award. Share. 13 votes, 30 comments. 31K subscribers in the GameDealsMeta community. GameDealsMeta.But it's not really ethical in my opinion, it harms the devs as the keys are usually bought from a region where the local steam price is cheap. If you really want a game and have the money to buy it from official retailers like steam GOG or greenmangaming, just do it. Otherwise consider sites like G2A or Kinguin. 1.Wouldn't recommend it as there are less sussy wussy key sites to go to. If you're purchasing from a website that shows games marked down drastically, chances are it's not a legitimate site. It's the same as G2A and several others. You get games cheap because they're practically stolen already. i want to buy Rocket League credit and i already ......

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Safe as in legit? Nope, a lot of keys from g2a are obtained under questionable sources. G2A is a Plattform with multiple sellers (same l...

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